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The Law of Attraction Beliefs and Thoughts

I had a few thoughts on a post Steve Pavlina wrote about the Law of Attraction.  I look at it a little differently.  Maybe it is really the same but I am interpreting the words differently.  This is always a difficulty with language, particularly with written words. 

Steve writes: “The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about.  Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest.”
I think it would be helpful to make a distinction between thoughts and beliefs. Because we have thoughts doesn’t mean that they will manifest.  If that were the case, teen age boys would be having a lot of sex.  When I was a teenager I had a lot of hidden beliefs about sex that were much stronger than thoughts.  It kept the action repressed.  The beliefs were very different than the thoughts.   

It isn’t the dominant thoughts that manifest.  It is the dominant beliefs that manifest through the law of attraction.  But there are still other forces out there beyond that.
I don’t see people manifesting what they think about.  I see them manifesting according to how they express themselves.  How they express themselves is based in their beliefs. Thoughts are a type of expression with very little power to manifest.  It is the emotion and beliefs behind them that do the attracting and creating.

We can observe conflict and have thoughts about it, without creating any conflict.  With acceptance and compassion we are aware of the conflict and can have expressions about it that are without victimization and judgment.  The result is no conflict within, and no conflicting expression created.  We have our attention on the chaos and can share thoughts about it.  Sharing compassionate thoughts about conflict, child abuse, or wars, doesn’t manifest them when done is this way. 

We can point to the transformation of apartheid in South Africa as an example.  That change didn’t happen because people stopped thinking about it. Change accelerated as more people were thinking about it.  The speed of change was facilitated by many people paying attention to the conflict and expressing in a constructive way about it. 

There is a distinct difference between the emotional quality we express ourselves with and what we are expressing about.  The emotional quality of expression is important in how we create.  It has much more power to manifest than thoughts.  The topic of discussion has very little to do with what is manifested. 

The strongest expression to manifest is belief.  When you have 100% belief in something, you have faith.   With a singleness of purpose you take action and can do things like pick up a car.  Later when asked what they were thinking, people reply to the effect that they weren’t thinking.  They just took action and did what needed to be done.  Creating with the power of faith has little to do with the mind and so thoughts are silent. 

Expressing belief and even faith can be silent.  It is more noticeable as a feeling,  specifically an attitude of confidence while expressing energy.  Most of the time people do not access the power of faith because they don’t have a strong enough need or their thoughts are too distracting.

Maybe some of these ideas are in the article, or Steve covers them elsewhere, but I thought the distinctions between thoughts, beliefs, and faith, were significant enough to mention.  An example of the difference between our thoughts and beliefs can be found when we do a core belief inventory.   

I’ve read enough of Steve’s stuff to know it is helpful material.  And he is also tireless in his pursuit.  If he hasn’t got the clarification between thought and beliefs somewhere in his site yet, keep reading because it will show up eventually.  Of course, they might also be right there in the words, but I’m not interpreting them the way he means them. 

At least that is the point of view from this perspective for this moment.

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