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Stop Thinking about Thinking

I happened upon a website called Pop Occulture which is no longer active. It is a blog by Tim Boucher. I liked the article he wrote on overcoming thought addiction. That’s when your mind won’t stop making commentary. And when your mind becomes aware of what it is doing it makes comments about all the comments it makes.

I sent an email to Tim and offered to show him how he can turn off his internal dialogue. We should be able to do it in about 20 minutes over the phone. Afterwards he should be able to do it on his own at will. He seems game for it and we will carve some time into our schedules. It is a technique that I teach to my clients and in workshops. It is a way of shifting perception that takes out the filter of commentary that the mind layers over what we see.

Check back for the results. If Tim posts anything about the experience I’ll put a link to what he writes. In the meantime I’ve had a chance to read a couple other posts and I like is material. Check it out.

UPDATE: Tim eventually took me up on the offer and I am now getting around to putting the link up to the post he wrote about his experience. We had a phone call and I walked him through one of the 14 exercises from my Self Mastery program. The circumstances were not ideal, but he was able to experience his mind stop thinking.

I saw this post that I wrote a ways back.  Update on Tim’s experience.  He found what he was looking for.  His heart was opened, and his mind discovered peace and quiet.   It wasn’t the single exercise that I shared with him in one phone call that did it.  He kept working at it and over time he broke free of the noise from all that internal dialog.  He wrote about the experience but that post got taken down.

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