Self Mastery

The Value of a Spiritual Teacher or Mentor

If the emotional quality of your life and relationships were solely dependent on how smart you were then you wouldn’t need a teacher.  But that isn’t the case.  A book can’t teach or model for you self acceptance, respect, love, or gratitude.   Being happy in this chaotic world isn’t based on how smart you are.  Even changing beliefs or negative thoughts isn’t easier because you have a high IQ.

As this free audio explains, mastering your mind and emotions is more like a skill.  Swimming, playing an musical instrument, or flying an airplane are all skills.  If you wanted to learn any of these skills would you get a coach or mentor?    Then if you desired to change your emotional reactions and be happy, wouldn’t it make sense to get some good guidance as well?  More about this in this free audio.

The Value of a Spiritual Teacher or Guide  Free Audio Podcast (40 min 26 MB)


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