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Power Control Fear and Freedom

Inspired by Tim Boucher’s blog article on fear and power and way too much time in front of the computer screen.  

I’ve observed that many people who seek power do so out of self created fear.  Their mind drives scenarios of misfortune.  Without awareness, they invest belief in their imagined stories and create fear.  Their imagined stories usually involve some outside entity as the cause instead of accurately identifying their uncontrolled imagination.  To fend off the uncomfortable feeling of fear they form a compensating strategy involving protection from the imagined external foe.  Power is needed for protection to control the situation or another person.  This approach to safety does nothing to clear the mind of fear, only buries it under strategy.

Power could be in the form of knowledge, a witty put down, money, a gun, or a cell phone to call someone if the car won’t start.  It could also look like insurance, a legal agreement, or a big SUV for safety.  All are instruments to protect us from the uncomfortable thoughts in our mind.  What we cling to for safety seems very odd.  A feeling of safety is generated by health insurance, a cell phone, and money in the bank.  Yet at the same time we are on a tiny ball of dirt, with a liquid molten core, spinning at thousands of miles per hour, hurtling through space at tens of thousands of miles per hour, around an exploding fireball called the sun.  What part of this do we think we can control and protect ourselves from?  The only sane approach is to accept the reality that we are hurtling into the unfathomable unknown of life in every moment.  The mind may find this frightening. However consciousness, the soul, and the emotional body, experiences this dynamic of life as a euphoric freedom filled with inspiration and opportunity. I suppose you could choose either. 

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