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How Do You Recognize The Truth?

How can you tell if something is truthful or if it is a lie? From a consciousness perspective, even statements that are factual are still not the Truth. Words are what we use to describe a thing, or facts. But words are not the thing itself. The words used to describe a chair are not the chair itself.  The best words can do is to give you a factual description of the something that is true.  But believing in the words, is not the same is believing in something that is true.

Recognizing Truth mp3 15 min

As Alan Watts describes, “The menu is not the meal.”  Don’t confuse a good description, or even facts with being the truth.  A description of what “Love” is, is not the same as love. A description of what “Beauty” is, is not the same as Beauty.

by Gary van Warmerdam
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