Self Mastery

Faith and Personal Power

The Importance of Keeping Your Faith

What is Faith? What is a Belief? What is the relationship between your emotions and what you believe? Do thoughts have power? Why it’s not that important to stop your negative thoughts. How can you recover your personal power? How do you heal a broken heart? These are all issues that I address in this Free MP3 Audio Podcast on Faith.

Recovering The Power of Your Faith (mp3 30min 13.7 mb)

Faith is a force. It is part of your life force. When you express your faith you are expressing part of your personal power. If you are seeking to develop more personal power, one of the fastest ways is to recover your faith from all the beliefs in your mind you have invested it in. You will find exercises and practices in how to recover the personal power of your faith in the Self Mastery Audio Series. The first several sessions are free.

This free audio gives some background awareness on the topic of faith, personal power, emotions, and relationships. You can find other free audio on Awareness and Consciousness in the podcast area on this site.

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