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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Money can buy comforts and our comforts can help keep the mind distracted from fears that eat away at our happiness.  

Money doesn’t buy happiness.  Happiness is an emotional state.  From one point of view inanimate objects can’t create emotions within us.  The things money can buy does allow us to occupy our mind with things that we love.  It is through the expression of love for what we do that we create happiness.  It is not the money’s doing. 

The Dalai Llama lost his home, many of his people, and his country.  By most standards he lost everything   He’s not unhappy.  For him happiness is simply a matter of focusing his attention and expressing love.

Children, whether they are wealthy, or have almost nothing, are happy.  Much happier than the average adult.  It only takes a few examples of being happy without money that breaks the rules or our assumptions.  If we think that money relates to happiness it is because we look to the average adult for an example. 

We don’t notice the powerful effects our mind plays in focusing our attention and expressing emotion in the process of creating happiness.  There is a whole middle part the mind plays between the money and the emotion of happiness.  If we discount it we miss the truth about what really creates happiness.

Children and those that have developed a self mastery over their mind and emotions have a great deal more insight into creating happiness than the average lottery winner.

Ideas from Mother Jones , Consermist, and Dr. Deborah Serani blogs

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