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For Those Seeking Happiness Through Eliminating Illusions in the Mind

Written articles don't convey the inflection, attitude, emotion or point of view that audio does.   These mp3 files have a lot more content than an article.  When you read text you read it from your existing viewpoint and can lose much of the meaning.  A person can say the words "I love you." with an attitude of anger, resentment, frustration, or as a joke.  These mp3 audio podcasts will lend much more insight into the self awareness that keeps you out of emotional drama and makes it easy to live in the emotional state of happiness.

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Feeling Not Good Enough
Podcast #1 MP3 32 min

My battle with the belief structure of not being good enough. Includes material on awareness, finding and changing core beliefs, acceptance, and the nature of duality.  After listening to this the Image of Perfection and the Hidden Image described in the Relationship Matrix should make more sense.

Hidden Assumptions
Podcast #2 MP3 22 min

Perhaps you will learn to really question everything.

Emotional Reactions
Podcast #3 MP3 29 min

Before we start changing emotional reactions it is important to learn what not to do. Getting our emotions under control can be like containing fire. Listen to this audio and learn how to stop putting gasoline on those emotional fires.

Happiness The Choice and Commitment
Podcast #4 MP3 32 min

What is happiness and why is it so elusive?  How do we create happiness and how do we keep it is addressed in this audio.

Relationship Desire Part 1
Podcast #5 MP3 32 min

Relationships begin with desire and yearning.  If we are to understand and create happiness in relationships we will need to be aware and understand our desires. 

Relationship Desire Part 2
Podcast #6 MP3 22 min

Going further into understanding competing desires between the mind, emotions, and the body.

Core Beliefs
Podcast #7 MP3 21 min

Introduction to identifying and changing core beliefs.  The example I use shows how we base our self worth on what other people do.  When you look at it that way it doesn't make sense.   But when the belief system is left to its own accord it comes up with a way to reject ourselves based on these odd criteria.

Overcoming Fear
Podcast #8 MP3 23 min

How to overcome fear.  In this podcast I share insights into the core beliefs behind fear.  I show examples of how to gain awareness of core beliefs and illusions behind fear in order to dissolve them.  Including how to create emotional leverage that will drive you to take action and make changes in your life.

Fear of Love and Emotional Change
Podcast #9 MP3 30 min

It might be difficult to think that we would fear love, success, and happiness but we often feel like we do.  This dynamic becomes easier to understand when we consider that we have many aspects of our personality that react to each other with emotions of their own.  Listen to this audio to understand more.

Unconditional Love of Christ
Podcast #10 MP3 29 min

Celebrating Christmas is the celebration of a great messenger of unconditional love.  The love, acceptance, and compassion he demonstrated is often difficult to perceive after years of interpretations, beliefs, and doctrine, but the message is still as real as ever.

Can You Change Your Life
Podcast #11 MP3 35 min

Holly subscribed to my Audio Course in Self Mastery in March.  I interviewed her in late November.  She used the exercises in my audio program to rework her beliefs, point of view, the judgments in her mind, and most importantly her emotions.  It is possible to change all those things.  If she can do it, then other people can do it.

Understanding Consciousness and the Ego Mind
Podcast #12 MP3 58 min

From the introduction of a Living the Four Agreements workshop I did.  Sound quality isn't as good and you miss the visual reference to my amazing drawings of the mind, but still a pretty good overview of understanding the mind and what doesn't work to change beliefs and emotions.

Don't Take Anything Personally
Podcast #13 MP3 28 min

Based in the teaching of The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz I share in this mp3 audio How to not take things personally.  It doesn't mean you will master not having emotional reactions to other people, but you will at least know where to start. 

What Makes Relationships Work
Podcast #14 MP3 38 min

Healthy Relationships have ingredients of success.  When you have understanding of these critical factors and have the awareness of the tell tale signs of what makes a relationship work and caution flags to look out for you can spare your self a lot of emotional drama and suffering. 

Free Will
Podcast #15 MP3 30 min

Do you have Free Will?  If you attempt to answer this question with a yes or a no you are missing something important.  Overly optimistic people will say yes.  This is a very comforting illusion that perpetuates emotional reactions and keeps them from being happier in their life.

Finding Your Self
Podcast #16 MP3 29 min

Know Thy Self is the quest of the mythological hero.  It is also each person's quest who wishes to be authentically happy.

Faith - Personal Power
Podcast #17 MP3 29 min

Faith is a kind of personal power you didn't know you had.  And I'm not talking about that religious kind of faith either.  Faith is a energetic force that you put into what you believe.  It's what turns a thought into a belief, or an idea into a passion.    If you feel powerless it is not because you are without power, but rather because you have expended much of your faith on things you are not aware of.  In order to recover your faith you will need to detach from those existing beliefs.

Self Judgment
Podcast #18 MP3 31 min

We can tell our selves we won't be so hard on our selves, but that rarely changes the dynamic.  What does it take to stop being hard our our selves?  In this audio I break down the belief structure behind a self judgment and you can see why they often keep coming back.   In the Self Mastery program I walk you through the steps to let go of your self judgments.

Overcoming Addictions and Changing Habits
Podcast #19 MP3 38 min

Smoking, tobacco, and alcohol are addictive habits.  They are also made up of smaller habits. If you can break the smaller habits in the mind, then the larger ones naturally fall apart.

The Spiritual Journey
Podcast #20 MP3 43 min

What is the Spiritual Journey and how do my events support that process towards happiness?  Also covered are the ritual and ceremony including The Initiation of Death, and the process of Dreaming.  In this audio I also emphasize the importance of your Point of View, or what I sometimes call Point of Perception. 

The Value of a Teacher or Mentor
Podcast #21 MP3 40 min

If the emotional quality of your life and relationships were solely dependent on how smart you were then you wouldn't need a teacher.  But that isn't the case.  A book can't teach or model for you self acceptance, respect, love, or gratitude. 

Fear Leads to Anger and Aggression
Podcast #22 MP3 60 min

People fight conflicts through aggression.   That aggression usually has the emotion of anger behind it.  However the real problem is fear and the hidden beliefs of fear that the mind projects that is at the source of conflict.   The same emotional pattern plays out in international conflicts, personal relationships, and in one's own mind. 

Can You Change Your Life II
Podcast #23 MP3 35 min

A follow up interview with Holly after she had some more time practicing the Self Mastery Exercises.  She also had time to integrate the Advanced Series into her practices.  It is possible to change your emotions from fear to love,,, even after years.

Dealing with Financial Fears
Podcast #24 MP3 25 min

Getting your self free of financial fears is not a one step process. Those fears are often woven together with other survival fears, as well as issues of self worth, and fears of what others think of us. It can be done, but consider it a process of un- layering.

Fear and the Financial Crisis
Podcast #25 MP3 30 min

A common self help suggestion for getting over fears is to find what you are afraid of and then do it anyway. This is a myth. Even doing the thing you fear wont necessarily change your fears. It's can also be impractical. I also cover how our fears trap us in suffering and that awareness can inspire you to take action and break free.

Overcoming Anger, Jealousy, and Controlling Behavior - Interview with David
Podcast #26 MP3 45 min

David realized he had issues with jealousy, anger, and controlling behavior in his relationship. He started working through the Self Mastery sessions back in July 08. We did this interview in March 09 and checked in on how his emotions, and relationships had changed.

Overcoming Fear of What Others Think of You
Podcast #27 MP3 41 min

There is a structure of beliefs that support the fear of what others think of you. When you dismantle these beliefs, your fear dissipates, as well as the conflicting internal dialog that it drives. In this podcast I guide you through some of the resistance you will probably find when you attempt to overcome your fears.

Reasoning Your Way Out of Fear
Podcast #28 MP3 41 min

Trying to overcome your fears through reasoning is an uphill battle. Usually there are several layers of emotions driving you towards accepting false beliefs. Our fictional stories often comfort us emotionally with illusions. It doesn't mean that we feel great, it just means that we don't feel as bad.

Awakening Consciousness
Podcast #29 MP3 53 min

Waking up to the way the unconscious beliefs in your mind is an uncomfortable and disconcerting realization. Your unconscious beliefs have been leading you in a dream world of unnecessary emotional reactions, and sabotaging behaviors, all based on a virtual reality of illusions in the mind. When you wake up you have no control over this and it takes some work to develop control over your attention and begin dismantling beliefs.

Faith: What You Don't Know About Faith
Podcast #30 MP3 26 min

Faith is a force. It's a kind of personal power you have to make a dream come alive in your mind. It is what you invest into an idea or an opinion that makes it powerful enough to become a belief. In don Miguel Ruiz book The Fifth Agreement he outlines why it is important to be a skeptic.

Overcoming Anger Using the Self Mastery Program
Podcast #31 MP3 48 min

I interview Joe, a Self Mastery course subscriber and discuss the changes in his life that he attributes to the course. He went from emotional reactions of anger and anxiety that controlled his emotions, and is moving towards gaining control over his emotions and thoughts.

Miguel Ruiz Interview About The Fifth Agreement
Podcast #32 MP3 54 min

The new book by don Miguel Ruiz, The Fifth Agreement, is the conclusion to the the journey of the Spiritual Warrior that his first book, The Four Agreements, invited us into. It is not about the battle between good and evil, but rather about truth and respect versus fear and lies.

The Most Important Thing for Your Happiness
Podcast #33 MP3 38 min

In a take off from Kevin Nealon from Saturday night live I try to succinctly answer the question of what the most important thing you need to do to be happy. Just a hint,,, a sense of humor will help,,, but is not the most important thing.

Life of an Idea From Inception
Podcast #34 MP3 35 min

The idea that ideas are alive is not new. With the popularity of the movie Inception we have brought the topic into the mainstream. If we observe ideas in action we see that they very much behave as parasites in the mind of the human being. Observing this is the simple part. The important part is to ask our self, "What will we do about it?"

Spiritual Journey Interview
Podcast #35 MP3 29 min

Interview with Carolyn about her experience on my 7 day Spiritual Intensive to Teotihuacan Mexico.

Sexual Performance Anxiety
Podcast #36 MP3 35 min

Performance anxiety can cause a lot of stress in a relationship. It causes guilt, shame, fears, that corrupts the emotional connection and can lead to and disconnection. In this podcast I outline what goes on in a man's head and some of the core beliefs at the root of the issue.

Anger Management
Podcast #37 MP3 39 min

Anger management isn't what I teach people. I teach them how to identify and change the core beliefs that cause anger so their anger gets eliminated.

Elements of Confusion
Podcast #38 MP3 27 min

I discuss how false beliefs (Maya) distorts our understanding of ideals and altruistic concepts like compassion, love, integrity, hope, and loyalty.

Personal Change
Podcast #39 MP3 42 min

David served in the Army and National Guard. After responding to the World Trade Center and Afghanistan he came home and discovered that his emotional reactions were out of control and inappropriate. In this interview he shares how the Self Mastery course has helped him.

What is a Belief?
Podcast #40 MP3 35 min
( Click here for transcript of "What is a Belief")
A belief is comprised of multiple elements coming together in the mind. A belief then forms a kind of dream world, or virtual reality in our imagination which appears true, even if it is only made of our assumptions. Your thoughts and emotions then arise from this virtual reality.

Self Awareness and Mindfulness
Podcast #41 MP3 33 min

Self Awareness is the first step towards change. You can not change something you are doing until you perceive what you are doing, and when.

Meditation for Beginners
Podcast #42 MP3 36 min

A mindfulness meditation for beginners. With a detailed explanation of obstacles that you will likely face. I also cover how to address a number of expectations so that you are better prepared for a successful practice.

Stop Beating Myself Up
Podcast #43 MP3 29 min

A common assumption for people trapped in the cycle of beating themselves up verbally with their thoughts, is that they are the one doing the thinking. In this free audio I raise awareness that there is another way to look at it.

Overcoming Insecurity and Creating Confidence
Podcast #44 MP3 30 min

You don't over come insecurity by becoming a success. And you don't create a feeling of confidence on top of beliefs causing insecurity. Confidence comes naturally when you eliminate beliefs creating feelings of insecurity.

Persistence and Resistance
Podcast #45 MP3 70 min

Jamie's process has been hard. She started with a lot of big beliefs and fears to dismantle. Those beliefs and fears resisted her every step of the way. It's been slow, but even she has made changes and is not optimistic about where her life is headed.

The Hero's Journey
Podcast #46 MP3 70 min

The Hero's Journey was outlined to me by Joseph Campbell. It is the classic tale often told through movies and stories going back to The Odyssey Homer and many modern versions including Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and The Matrix. It's appeal is that it represents our journey to create peace and happiness within our self and our own mind.

Affirmations Can Backfire
Podcast #47 MP3 20 min

Affirmations can often leave us feeling worse than before we stated them. This is due to the belief systems of the ego pushing back against any positive thoughts or emotions. To remedy this it will help to be aware of how your mind actually works.

Reality, Projections, and Illusions
Podcast #48 MP3 32 min

Perception in how we see things, and hear things, and experience things in life affects experience. To better understand whether something is reality or illusion requires that we begin by understanding perception and how we perceive by itself.

Becoming the Observer - Mindfulness Practice
Podcast #49 MP3 25 min

Becoming the Observer requires that we become neutral and have no agenda or reaction to what we notice. This is somewhat difficult as we have been conditioned for our mind to have incessant chatter and opinions. Dropping these impulses of opinions, which are often critical, will take some time and practice.

Overcoming Anxiety
Podcast #50 MP3 35 min

If our anxiety is not responding the way we want to, then perhaps we are applying the wrong model. Either our understanding and expectations are incorrect, or our attempts to change are not being implemented correctly. It is more likely that our mental model for understanding Anxiety is wrong.

Responsibility and Power
Podcast #51 20 Min

In the process of awakening there is a time to take responsibility. It is a critical step to take before we can make changes in our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. It is a necessary first step in conscious awakening.

Unconscious Beliefs

Unconscious beliefs are by definition, beliefs we have that we are not consciously aware we hold. They can still cause emotional reactions and sabotaging behaviors. They often mask themselves as something else, or our intellect will make excuses or denials of the behaviors they produce.

Self Loathing
Self loathing is a strong hatred of oneself. You will find it wrapped around many criticizing and negative thoughts one has about themselves. This is a mind gone amuck in false beliefs creating a feeling of unworthiness, and feeling deserving of such hate, anger, and emotional self abuse.

Lying To Your Self
Lying to your self can cause a response in the reasoning part of your brain that makes you feel good. Sometimes people confuse this good feeling with being right, or feeling that they have just agreed with an explanation that is truthful. Sometimes people are relieved from their "need to know" or a feeling of uncomfortable confusion by believing something that isn't true.

Recognizing Truth
How can you tell if something is truthful or if it is a lie? From a consciousness perspective, even statements that are factual are still not the Truth. Words are what we use to describe a thing, or facts. But words are not the thing itself.

Ego and False Beliefs of Identity
What are the beliefs that begin to form the ego? What are we without the labels and beliefs the mind has of us? To become aware of this we first need to quiet our mind of all the thought labels and stories and begin to feel our own Presence.

Social Anxiety from Unconscious Beliefs
Podcast #57
Social Anxiety can have a number of sources. In this podcast one man pulls back the layers he used to cover it up to reveal the origin of his social anxiety. It all began one day in second grade. By careful digging he found the source and has a chance in that conscious awareness to change it.

The Scorekeeper in Your Head
Podcast #58 27 min
The critical voice in your head telling you whether you are succeeding or failing at things is actually pretty stupid. You are trying to learn something, and it acts like an expert telling you all the places you are screwing up, yet it has never learned to do what you are doing. The only thing more stupid would be to believe that voice once you realize it has no expertise at all behind the "confidence" veneer.


Some Odds & Ends Pieces

Agreements (4:32)
The Agreements. AKA: Illusions, Temptations, Beliefs, Assumptions, False Beliefs, Contracts. and Lies.

Truth (5:02)
Truth Why it is so hard to find? The Truth, like the essence of Life, is experienced.

Life (3:53)
Life? Is it a noun, verb, adjective, or perhaps all of that and more at the same time.

Common Sense (2:13)
The Path of Common Sense. We could steep all these spiritual practices under a mystical language with it's own terminology, but it really doesn't have to be that complicated.

Don't Take Anything Personally (3:18)
A perspective on Living the Four Agreements

Impeccability of Your Word (3:13)
A not so common perspective on what this means

What Makes You Happy in Relationships? (12:31)
Overview of what the course addresses in the first four sessions and why. These sessions work together to facilitate dismantling old relationship paradigms.

Do Your Best (3:55)
Guidance on how to approach this course.

Make Assumptions (4:34)
No I didn't spell this wrong.  Miguel's teaching of "Don't Make Assumptions" can only go so far.  It's not in the book, The Four Agreements, but you have to make assumptions.  It's just that usually people don't go far enough with the not making assumptions practice that they notice.  I didn't until don Miguel explained it.

Don't Keep your Agreements (1.38)
In the beginning was the word. Immediately following the creation of the word, was misinterpretation and misunderstanding.  People commonly confuse being impeccable with keeping your word.  This is a big mistake and can cause great hardship and suffering.

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