Self Mastery

Within you, amidst all the different voices, emotions, and conflicting thoughts, there is a consciousness of direct knowing. When you embody that consciousness of knowing you will pierce the illusions of your life.

In that state of presence, you are expressing a calm silent power inside you, that your inner critic cannot touch or make small. In that state of presence, you are connected to a source of unconditional love that is both within you, and all around you. It has no beginning, and no end, and allows you to walk through the world with a sense of peace, clarity and unconditional confidence.

In this state of clear mind, you face your fears, your inner critic, and your past pain with a sense of compassion, clarity and confidence that it is all being released from your life as it should. In that connected state with your Self changes can happen at an accelerated rate.

Grounded in your own presence and power you are the master of yourself and your life.

Mindfulness and Consciousness Retreat Sweden


Gary Van Warmerdam, Eva Beronius and Neil Björklund are joining forces to offer a new, deeper-level course in Self-Mastery, August 4-11, 2019.  Located at a retreat center in the forests of central Sweden, this week-long retreat is offered to experienced practitioners only—those who have completed The Basic Self Mastery Series at, or who have participated in one or more in-person events with Gary, Eva or Neil. If you have done other work that may be equivalent and want to come, email us to have a conversation and we can determine if it would be a good fit, and what you may need to do in addition to  prepare. 

Over the week together, we will progressively build our intent and attention through daily practices, in order to move our individual and collective consciousness to a new level.  Our goal is that you will leave this week with a calm clarity about your life as it is, an unshakable confidence that you can create the life you want, and that you experience self-mastery at a new level.

The fundamentals have been covered in the Self Mastery program and other prerequisite materials. We will be working on practices and processes beyond this. The community of experienced practitioners will allow us to start at a deeper level. You will receive some material one month ahead of the retreat to prepare you for this week.

Example of practices and topics during the week:

    • Meditations to move into a state of direct knowing
    • Journeys into the unconscious beliefs to identify and change them
    • Understanding collective dreams of family, religions, communities, nations and how it affects human behavior
    • Dancing and Kirtan (devotional chanting) – surrendering to a loving expression
    • Experiencing energy centers in the body and how to move energy through them
    • Different spiritual traditions and their modalities and practices
    • Exploring integrity – in body, with emotions, with others
    • Movement and body work for letting go and keeping our bodies happy
    • Transforming emotions – from obstacle to becoming a path for personal power
    • Recorded meditations and practices to take home

The retreat center where we will be staying. Having class outdoors whenever possible under the great oak tree.


Price and dates

When: August 4-11 2019

Where: retreat center Lindsberg, Falun, Sweden (more details on the venue and how to get there further down) See below for pics of the rooms.


Bunk room, sleeping 4-6                                                 $1,575

Double room, 2 single beds (1 remaining)                  $1,675

Single room                                                                        sold out

Included in the price: Meals, lodging, teaching, recordings of the lessons and meditations to take home, follow up video conference calls. 

Not included: Travel costs to and from the venue

Cancellation policy:
More than two months in advance, full refund
More than one month in advance, 50% refund
Less then one month in advance, no refund

Sign up

For participants from Sweden or anyone who wants to pay by invoice:

Send an email to [email protected] with your name, contact info, what room type you wish to stay in and what self mastery work you have done before. You will receive an invoice by email, due in 20 days.

For participants who need to pay by PayPal (and not from Sweden):

Send an email to [email protected](this website) with your name, contact info and what self mastery work you have done before. Make the payment by the PayPal-button below.


Room Options

The teachers

Gary, Eva and Neil discussing their intents and excitement about the retreat:

Location and venue

The retreat will be held in the countryside of Sweden, outside the town of Falun. We will be staying at Lindsberg, a course and retreat house run by people passionate about self development and sustainable living. They are co-living at the house and cooking delicious meals from local farms in the homely kitchen. There is plenty of space in the house with a cinema room, library, meditation- and yoga room, a big dining hall with a fireplace and lovely grass areas around the house for outdoor classes. Nature on our doorstep with trails to hike. A 10 min walk through the forest you will find a lake and a sauna.


The bedrooms are clean and cozy but simple. There are a few double- and one single rooms, all with separate single beds, and several rooms for 4-6 persons with bunk beds with curtains for privacy. All showers and bathrooms are located in the hallways. There is different pricing for the different rooms. We won’t be able to offer more smaller rooms once they are booked, if you want a specific room type you will have to be quick with booking.


All meals are vegetarian and no alcohol is served or allowed at the premises. A great opportunity for us to explore integrity with our bodies and see the belief system’s reactions to changes with food and drinks. This is part of the course. The staff can accommodate food allergies and diet restrictions, we will ask you to let us know a few weeks in advance.

Coffee, tea and fruit will be available in the morning and throughout the day

Brunch is served around 11am after morning class

Snack around 3pm

Dinner around 7pm

The meal schedule is to allow for intermittent fasting (a shorter eating window during the day) for those who wish to try that. More info on this once we’re there.


The retreat starts on Sunday 4th with shared dinner at 6pm. After that is a welcome and introduction session. To make it there on time for dinner you need to catch a train from Stockholm Central or the airport at the latest around 2pm. You can arrive earlier during Sunday, make sure to let the venue know if you want any extra meals that day, at your own expense. If you want to spend extra nights at Lindsberg before the retreat, make sure to book that as soon as possible directly with them since August is a busy time and the rooms will fill up between courses.


We will finish on Sunday 11th with a brunch around 10am. It’s fine to leave earlier, but you might miss the closing session and time to say goodbye. You can leave later during the day, let the staff know if you want additional meals at your own expense once there. If you want to spend extra nights after the retreat you book this directly with Lindsberg, make sure to do this far in advance as August is busy and they can get fully booked.


Getting there

Closest airport for international flights: Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Take a train from Stockholm Central Station or directly from Arlanda airport to Falun.

From Falun Station take a taxi to Kursgården Lindsberg. You can also take the local bus but you will have to walk the last 15 min in that case.

Train Stockholm – Falun. Approximately 2.5hours. Make sure you book a direct train with no changes.

Schedule and tickets:


Taxi Falun train station – Kursgården Lindsberg, 15 min

Taxi Kurir: +46 (0)23-153 00,, also book through their app Taxi Kurir

Sverigetaxi: +46 (0)775-50 50 50,

Falun taxi: +46 (0)70-019 13 14,

Closer to the start you can find other participants to share a taxi with.


Address to the venue:

Kursgården Lindsberg (course center Lindsberg)

Lindsberg 10

791 91 Falun


Email: [email protected]

On Google maps:,15.2882804,10z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x46677132154e7163:0xed139f1f2403d13f!8m2!3d60.6677526!4d15.5684426


Double Room

Single Room




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