Self Mastery

Journey Into Self Awareness and Divine Consciousness

A Spiritual Journey to the ancient Mexico October 14 to 20 th 2018

Your Invitation

We will combine processes of meditation, dreaming, contemplation, ceremony and ritual with the intent of changing the world of our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs through direct experience. Most importantly we will intend a new perspective in the way we see ourselves, our relationships, and the world.  We will drop the self criticizing and judgmental thoughts, as well as the sense of victimization and powerlessness that we have been taught.  Through these powerful practices we will shift our perception to unconditional love and acceptance.  We will see the beauty of our self and life as it is.

In an atmosphere of love and respect we will have five full days of deep personal work while having as much fun as possible at the same time. We will take our personal process very seriously, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t laugh and enjoy ourselves on the way.

Understanding the Spiritual Journey  (mp3 Audio 43 min 19MB)   In this audio I’ve attempted to answer some of the common questions that people ask about the spiritual journey, and my approach to guiding people.  I also clarify what I mean by ceremony, ritual, and Dreaming and how I use these practices.

One of the most common questions people ask is; What happens on a spiritual journey? That can’t be answered because for each person it will be different. However, there is a much more important question to ask. What do you want to happen on your journey?

What fears do you want to be rid of? What core beliefs and thoughts do you want to change? What do you want your relationships to feel like? How much love and joy do you want to experience?

Teotihuacan retreat spiritual journey

Through the focused intent of spiritual ceremony and practices we open the doors of opportunity for changing your beliefs and your relationships with the world. What you do with your opportunity on this journey has more to do with your desire and courage for change than with the format.  How much will you allow your fears to hold you back?  How much will you allow your desire and inspiration for love and happiness propel you forward?  These are the questions that each person must ask and answer themselves.

It is not the role of the Guide to determine your answers of what happens on a Spiritual Journey. That would be disrespectful to your free will.  It is the role of the guide to create the environment, open the doors and point the way.  It is your responsibility to determine what you intend to create on your journey and how much you allow your self to experience.  This life has many worlds and experiences to be explored if you allow your self.

When:   October   14 to 20th 2018
Plan to arrive at the Mexico City airport before 3:00pm Sunday.
Class will begin that night and the formal teachings will finish with a ceremony and processes early Friday afternoon. Then we relax and enjoy the afternoon and evening, finish any shopping and rest before our Saturday departure.
Departure: Plan for your return flight to depart after 12 noon on Saturday. If you need to return on an earlier flight, arrangements can be made to get you to the airport.
Taxi ride to the airport outside the normal arrival and departure window may be subject to an additional fee of approximately $60 US.

Teotihuacan Retreat


Lodging will be at the beautiful Hacienda we call “The Dreaming House”. We believe in making our physical bodies as comfortable as possible on our journey.  I don’t believe in suffering in order to gain spiritual growth or happiness.  It just goes against the overall goal of enjoying your life.  If you do not have a room mate, one will be assigned. (This is what we mean by “double occupancy”).


The ancient Toltec city named Teotihuacan means “where humans awaken from their illusions and realize their Divinity. Teotihuacan (Teo) was designed and built as an ancient mystery school for teaching spiritual philosophies and practices. The students of this school became spiritual masters and their teachings influenced the culture of the Maya, Aztec, and other civilizations. Teotihuacan is 40 miles Northeast of Mexico City, Mexico


The weather in Teotihuacan in October will be very comfortable in the 70’s (F) during the day. Low’s at night will be in the 50’s.  There is sometimes a chance of showers in the afternoon.  The elevation is about 7200 feet with nice mild weather throughout the year.  If you want to check the weather you can look up Mexico City and you will have a good approximation of how to dress.

Gary van Warmerdam Retreat Mexico


Gary van Warmerdam has led numerous Spiritual Journey’s to Teotihuacan over the years.   His experience in guiding these journeys comes from 20 years of personal study with don Miguel Ruiz.  Miguel Ruiz is a Medical Doctor that studied the spiritual traditions from Mexico as well as traditions from around the world.  He is also the best selling author of “The Four Agreements,”  “The Mastery of Love,” and “The Voice of Knowledge.”   Gary’s experience and teachings from his Mentor are both extensive and profound.

FEE:  $1395.00 (USD) The price includes double occupancy room, food, water, entrance fees, ceremonies, teachings, and ground transportation.  It does not include your airfare to Mexico City, or alcohol.  If you wish to have your own room a a $300 surcharge applies.

Make checks payable to Pathway To Happiness LLC or Gerard van Warmerdam

Please download, read, and fill out the following forms.  Mail or scan and email in the Application, Health Statement, and Assumption of Risk forms. Deposit/payment can be made by check or Paypal.   You do not need to have your plane reservation at the time you submit your application.  You can make your plane reservations closer to the trip date and then email that information.

Trip Application (PDF)
Health Statement (PDF)
Liability and Release Form (PDF)
Information & suggestions on what to pack (PDF)

It is strongly suggested that you take out Travel Insurance. You can use this site Allianz to purchase it on line. They have a package for around $100 that covers things like trip cancellation, medical evacuation, lost baggage, travel delays, etc.

Optional Tolantongo Hot Springs Extension Oct 21 -24


Tolantongo is a large hot springs located on the side of a mountain overlooking a valley with a river below.  It is truly spectacular. In another area of the park you can venture into a grotto cave and have the hot springs water pour out of the walls and ceiling and wash over you.

This is an out of the way place, 4 hours drive from Teotihuacan and the Mexico City Airport. This extension is for relaxation and fun. There is not any structured teachings during this time. For this extension I am only charging to arrange transportation for $100/per person to Tolantongo and returning to Mexico City Airport Wed Oct 25th .  Extra costs incurred to you will include:
One extra night at Dreaming House with meals $100 (approx)
3 Nights at Tolantongo  $50 X 3 = $150 (for double occupancy – 800 pesos / night)  You may be able to split this with a room mate.
4 Days entrance to the Resort $10 X 4 = $40 US  ( 140 Pesos per day)
4 Days of meals and drinks.  The prices at Tolantongo are reasonable. ( Assume $50/day max)
$100 Transportation costs.
Total costs conservatively will be $500 for these 4 days.

We will depart for Tolantongo Sunday Afternoon and arrive there in the evening.  (This is to avoid the weekend crowds)
We will have Sunday evening and all day Monday and Tuesday to enjoy the Springs.
We depart Wed morning at 9 AM for the airport. The drive takes approx 4 hours.
If you take this extension, I suggest booking your flight with a departure time of 4pm and later.

The Tolantongo resort is somewhat off the beaten path, although there are thousands of people there on a weekend. By off the path it does not take reservations and does not take credit cards. You will need to carry some pesos/cash for this.

If you are considering this and have questions, you can email me or visit their website to find out more:

Send in the Application, Health Statement, and Release forms with your deposit to gary(at) this website or hard copies to:

Pathway To Happiness LLC
PO Box 3242
Santa Barbara, CA 93130

Or Pay with your Credit Card using Paypal:

Payment Options

Please make Final payment by October 2nd. Exceptions can be made for late signups.

You will need a passport to travel to Mexico. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the trip dates.

If you do not know the flight details because you have not purchased your ticket, you can still reserve your space by sending the deposit and follow up with the flight information later.

If you have any questions about the journey, contact Gary at:

About Teotihuacan The city was built as a Spiritual Mystery School.  The builders of this city put their love and intent to guide others to awaken to their own divinity.  In this endeavor they knew exactly what they were doing.

The Pyramids at Teotihuacan are the largest pyramids in the western hemisphere.  They are larger than Chichen Itza.  The base dimensions of the Pyramid of the Sun is roughly equal to the base dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

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