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Damaging Effects of Criticism

If you want to change your life, consider this. Criticism is probably one of the most toxic and destructive things a human can do to themselves or another. Criticism and judgments are rejections. These include self-criticism and self-judgments. It tears humans apart inside and destroys relationships. Every expression of negative words comes with emotion, and over […]

Why Does the Mind Create Misery

Your mind isn’t designed to make you happy. It developed circuits over millions of years designed to keep you alive, and safe from hurt. As a byproduct, and because of some false belief circuits it builds, it can distort things and make you miserable. When you understand the mind better you can change the thoughts […]

How Our Mind Works

One of the ways our Mind Works is to automatically apply meaning to words and other symbols.  This is a function of our learned belief system. I am having my book, MindWorks translated to Spanish.  This presents some interesting challenges.  For starters, I don’t speak or read Spanish. So I am relying on the kindness […]

Becoming The Observer

Becoming the Observer is more than just thinking about yourself. It really is a different state of mind. Whether you are doing meditation, mindfulness practices, therapy, or other personal development work, becoming the observer is a critical skill to learn in order to make personal changes. Being the observer is more than noticing how you […]

Understanding Belief Systems

Understanding Belief Systems

Your beliefs systems give you emotional reactions, and determine many of your behaviors. Most of your beliefs are unconscious. Actually, it’s been measured that 95% of your beliefs operate in a way that you are completely unaware of. This means that 95% of your emotional reactions, thoughts, and behaviors are being run by an automated program that you are not aware of.

If you wanted to change your life, or maybe just one negative thought, or how you behave in relationships, then it would make sense that you become aware of these automated beliefs so that you can change them. Without this awareness, you will have a difficult time making personal changes.

The Self Mastery Course will guide you through finding your unconscious beliefs and changing them. The first sessions are free. 

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