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“Who am I?” asks the False Self

Hello Gary, I hope you are well. I thought I’d give you an update on how things are going. Gratitude has become an integral part of my life now and is such a powerful yet simple tool. I thank you so much for introducing the practice of gratitude into my life. Recently I have been […]

Personal Growth Is Not Linear

Progress is not linear, particularly when you are changing core beliefs.  Sometimes they are like walls we are hitting with a hammer.  We are working and sweating and it seems like nothing is changing.  Then, with the slightest tap, a whole section tumbles and possibility and space opens up in your life where there previously […]

How to Change Beliefs

An audio course subscriber sent me this email about ten weeks after starting the Self Mastery Audio Course. From Steven and his wife M. I don’t know where to begin in telling you how the audio sessions have helped us. Just as a sort of stream of consciousness narrative I will say that when the […]

Gratitude for Happiness

I thought of creating a testimonial page, but figured out that it would be easier to post these on my blog pages periodically. Not just for shameless promotion, but for common understanding, and breaking the belief that we are all alone in our process of change. I also like this email because Mandeep makes some […]

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