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Workshops and Retreats

What Goes on at One of Gary’s Workshops and Retreats?  I want to explain that I don’t know what is going to happen at one of my events.  I don’t know the specific content of what I will cover, or how I will go about it.  I’ll get to explaining why this is in a […]

Change Your Mind In Teotihuacan Mexico

How To Change What Is In Your Mind Every year I go on a kind of pilgrimage.  My pilgrimage doesn’t involve praying to, or worshiping a deity. It’s a personal one of letting go of baggage and reconnecting with those things sacred to me.  What is sacred to me is happiness, love Truth, compassion, and […]

Zion Retreat

Retreat to Zion National Park with Gary van Warmerdam. On any one of these retreats or intensives the program will vary.  The program that we engage in will be a combination of what is needed for the people attending, and what inspiration brings.  The reason that each event is unique is because each person shows […]

A Spiritual Teacher Doesn’t Choose The Student

There was a blog post I read years ago about a guy looking for a way out of his misery. Let’s call him Bob.  Some might have though of him as a spiritual seeker, but Bob probably wouldn’t have considered himself that.  He was certainly searching and working for personal change.  In short Bob wanted […]

Where Do I Start On My Path

Dear Gary, My problem now is that I can not understand what is my way. What is correct and what is incorrect, what should I do and what I shouldn’t do. I really would like to change and feel that I need to be changed, but I cannot understand what is my starting point.  Confused […]

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