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A Process For Change

Like the seasons, every year I go through a process of change.  I take time to reflect on what I do, how I have spent my time, what I enjoy, what is fulfilling, and what doesn’t work. It isn’t the only time during the year that I do this, but at the end of each […]

Forgiveness Self Mastery

A message from a subscriber about her experience doing the Self Mastery Series Exercises. Gary, I wanted to circle back with you on this newest installment of the Self Mastery program on forgiveness. I must say that it could not have been more timely. Over the weekend my preteen daughter was assaulted by another girl […]

The Dhamma Brothers

documentary about a prison meditation program at Donaldson Correctional Facility near Bessemer, Alabama, features four inmates, all convicted of murder, and includes interviews with guards, prison officials, local residents and other inmates. All humans have the power to change their mind, emotions, and behaviors. What we all need proper instruction and wise guidance. This film […]

Craig Ferguson on Alcoholism

Comedian Craig Ferguson with some perspective on humanity, drinking, alcoholism, and change, all done with humor. Just thought it was insightful, compassionate, and funny at the same time.

Isn’t It Easier To Just Give Up ?

The Lies are in the Details As we work to stay consciously aware and maintain positive emotions of happiness we can become tired of the process.  When that happens, the thought, “Sometimes it just feels like it would be easier to give up,”  may appear.   Let’s be honest, that’s what we think some times.  Or,, […]

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