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How Is Everything?

Asking “How is Everything?” can be a Conversation Ender   Have you ever noticed that when you sometimes ask, “How is everything going?” that you get a conversation- ending, “Fine.”  Reaching out to your partner for connection with that question just didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped. It didn’t feel satisfying or connected.  Often, […]

Emotional Wounds Between Men and Women

Emotioanl Wounds

Getting Your Needs Met Without Being Needy

Getting Your Needs Met Without Being Needy Having needs is not the same as being needy.  No man is an island.  And neither is a woman. We all have needs, but we don’t have to go about getting them met in a needy way. Most days as an adult, we can take care of many, […]

I Don’t Feel Understood

I don’t’ feel understood. Communication is a peculiar thing.  We didn’t always have it. It only started to develop as a detailed set of grunts about 100,000 years ago.  Over time our vocalizations have become more subtle and nuanced. We have taken an intricate set of sounds and trained our mind to automatically translate them […]

Life Coach On The Today Show

People Search for Happiness on the Internet,,, and Find it. Tuesday December 31st on the NBC’s Today Show and later on MSNBC about Gary van Warmerdam’s website and coaching. Life coach Gary van Warmerdam shares his perspective on happiness, and what it takes to make changes in your behavior, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. To help […]

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