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The Inner Critic Can Be Tamed

It would be nice if the Inner Critic, what I call the Judge, would go away in a one step process. That rarely happens. There have been a couple people that might have done it. Eckhart Tolle, or Byron Katie, maybe, but I don’t know their personal process in detail to say. They may have […]

Changing Self Image, Part 2…Your Imagined Self.

When you learn to control your perspective, you realize you can control the virtual world you’ve been living in for years. These are your dreams. You can change your dreams.

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Intent For Change

Finding the Force of Intent for Change What changes do you want to make? We can use anything as an example, get into better physical shape, eat healthier food, happier relationships, more free time, or financial goals.   What is important to apply (not just understand intellectually) is that these changes in actions, behaviors, and outcome […]

The Beauty is in You

The Beauty you see is your creation. When we see, we actually take some raw material of light, and from it into what we see. The beauty we see is literally in the mind’s eye of the person seeing beauty. The beauty you see is created inside of you.

Ritual and Ceremony in Everyday Life

Why do I use ceremony and ritual in my process and at my events? The short answer is because it works. But that answer wouldn’t have sufficed for me when I started this inner work. I was educated and worked as an engineer so I required more research and understanding. I wanted evidence.  I hope […]

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