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Resistance to Change

There is supposed to be Resistance to the process. I didn’t set out to teach happiness directly, and if you follow what I teach you will probably notice that I don’t. I don’t focus on the positive very much. I spend more time focusing attention on false beliefs and egocentric thinking that interferes with being […]

Self Sabotage Disguised as Encouraging Words

“I should be practicing more than I am.” One of the most common sabotaging thoughts a person has is, “I should be doing more than I am.”  It can sound like a statement of fact, but it is really a judgmental self-critical thought. And a debilitating one at that.   The result is  an emotional shot […]

How Long Will It Take to Change My Beliefs?

“How long will it take?” they ask. That’s often the question as one is working through their issues of limiting beliefs, fears, emotional reactions, or sabotaging behaviors.  Always the question, “How long will it take?” It’s difficult to answer because it depends on many factors.  Sometimes the issue is simple, like a case of jealousy. […]

Dealing With Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress It is the best of times.  It is the worst of times.  It’s that time of year when we have more parties, social gatherings, big meals with family, presents, beautiful music, all celebrated in our best attire.  It can also be the most emotionally stressful of times as well.  How does that happen? What produces stress?  Stress can […]

I Should Be Further Along Than I Am

How many times in our process have we had the thought, “I should be further along than I am.” Really? To that comment I sometimes like to ask two questions, One:   “In terms of percentage, how far along should you be?” Two:     “In terms of percentage, how far along are you?” The assessment without those […]

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