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Dealing With Political Fears

Be Mindful of Fear Based Beliefs Used In Politics If you are afraid your nervous system shifts to a fight/flight/freeze response and this puts your mind in the same type of thinking.  You are in a mindset trying to protect your self, whether something is a real issue or imagined. You see threats, or imagine […]

Biased Beliefs in Your Politics

When I was a kid I rooted for my home team.  If the referee made a close call against the other team, I agreed with him.  If he made a close call against my team I was sure he was wrong. Was it really possible that all the bad calls went against my team?  Why […]

A Spiritual Teacher Doesn’t Choose The Student

There was a blog post I read years ago about a guy looking for a way out of his misery. Let’s call him Bob.  Some might have though of him as a spiritual seeker, but Bob probably wouldn’t have considered himself that.  He was certainly searching and working for personal change.  In short Bob wanted […]

Understanding Success with Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell doesn’t take the commonly accepted beliefs others have.  He looks deeper into understanding the Why’s and How’s of things at a deeper level.  Success isn’t just a matter of hard work, or talent, or both.   There are a lot of assumptions about success, and in his book Outliers, Gladwell works to dispel many […]

Being Optimistic

I don’t consider myself to be a motivational speaker. I consider myself to be more of a skeptic. Not a cynic, or a pessimist, but a skeptic. I talk a lot about the issues of happiness and yet oddly, not an optimist. In spite of the psychological studies that point to optimism as a trait […]

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