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I Should Be Further Along Than I Am

How many times in our process have we had the thought, “I should be further along than I am.” Really? To that comment I sometimes like to ask two questions, One:   “In terms of percentage, how far along should you be?” Two:     “In terms of percentage, how far along are you?” The assessment without those […]

What Should I Do

What should I do? When you ask this question to someone else,,, you are opening the door to giving away your personal power and creating a victim mindset.   This is a dangerous question to ask.  At the same time guidance can be helpful. In the early stages of our personal development we ask many questions.  […]

Your Role in Life

Archetypes A few years back I was at my bank withdrawing some money.  My intention was to invest in the market.  I was referred to one of their investment advisers who told me, “That’s dangerous.”   The implied message is not just to be fearful, but that you will get hurt because are ignorant or incapable […]

Overcoming Self Judgment

Self Judgment for Not Breaking the Pattern of Self Judgment David had a relationship break up about 5 years ago. In the aftermath he felt miserable. The voices in his head were kicking in with a lot of harsh self judgments, at least harsher than usual. It wasn’t an entirely new dynamic, but the amplified […]

Feeling Trapped

We have cats. By their instinctive nature they chase things. Humans aren’t much different. Once in a while we will take out a pen sized laser pointer and put a red dot on the floor. The cats go after it. We point the laser light up and down the hallway and the cats chase the […]

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