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The Inner Critic Can Be Tamed

It would be nice if the Inner Critic, what I call the Judge, would go away in a one step process. That rarely happens. There have been a couple people that might have done it. Eckhart Tolle, or Byron Katie, maybe, but I don’t know their personal process in detail to say. They may have […]

The Inner Critic Is Not Truthful

The Inner Critic, or Judge as I call him (or her) often lies. It may get some facts right, and be accurate sometimes, but if  you look closely you will see that it often lies. These lies can be brutal to our emotional state and self worth. It can incapacitate us emotionally and paralyze our state of mind into victim-hood.  It  will want you to focus on the parts it says that are true so we don’t notice the lies, and damage it does.  Here is a video that breaks down some of the Belief Systems of the Judge that are false.


One of the keys to dismantling the Inner Critic is to become skeptical of it. This is helped by finding small ways to doubt it’s story and judgments. Over time, with repetition, you can take your personal power out of the long held beliefs of the Judge. The better you master skepticism of that voice the faster your emotions will change. To do this another key element is to separate your perspective from the voice in your head. The Self Mastery Course has multiple exercises that combine so that you can live free of this mental tyrant.

Self Sabotage Disguised as Encouraging Words

“I should be practicing more than I am.” One of the most common sabotaging thoughts a person has is, “I should be doing more than I am.”  It can sound like a statement of fact, but it is really a judgmental self-critical thought. And a debilitating one at that.   The result is  an emotional shot […]

Why We Don’t Forgive

Why we don’t forgive, and what we can do to overcome that resistance and get to acceptance. Gary breaks down the obstacles and associations we make in our minds that stand in the way of forgiveness. Then he shows how they are false so you can more easily move past them.

The reasons we don’t forgive can be overcome. The more we are aware of these reasons we can see that their logic is faulty and they will fall apart with applied awareness.

The Victim Part of Our Ego

One aspect of the Ego is the Archetype character of the Victim. It is part of our belief system clinging to fear and beliefs that we are “not good enough.” We may want to change these victim beliefs, but they don’t necessarily want to go.

The Ego has different facets that can morph and change moment to moment. One of the most prominent is the victim aspect of our belief system.  The Victim is comprised of all the beliefs in a false identity, or false self image, of ways that we are unworthy. Even though these are painful aspects of our mind, and we want to get rid of them, they still may not go easily.

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