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Why Do We Not Get Recognized by Others

Why we Fail to Gain Recognition from Others What kind of recognition do we seek from others? We want the acknowledgement of a job well done, or of something good about our character to be noted to us personally, or publicly. The essential attitude and emotional component of those comments is appreciation and respect. Appreciation […]

Lessons From Integrity

What is Integrity? We are multi-dimensional beings. We have emotions, but are not our emotions. We have a mind, but are not our mind. We have a soul but are not our soul. We have a body but are not our body. We also have a consciousness, a Spirit, and more.  We are in Integrity […]

Lessons From Integrity

A new online video class from Gary van Warmerdam This Advanced work will not be open to beginners.  You will have to have completed the Basic Self Mastery series, and be well into the Phase II (formerly called the Advanced Series) to participate.  This background work will make the advanced practices we will be working on […]

Getting Your Needs Met Without Being Needy

Getting Your Needs Met Without Being Needy Having needs is not the same as being needy.  No man is an island.  And neither is a woman. We all have needs, but we don’t have to go about getting them met in a needy way. Most days as an adult, we can take care of many, […]

The Truth

The truth. Why is it so hard to find? The Truth, like the essence of Life, is experienced.  Too often people want to know the Truth, but their mind has been trained to look for facts.  The Truth and Facts are not necessarily the same thing. It is easy to understand how they can be confused. The justice system seeks to find the truth of what happened by collecting the facts.  It is very easy to use these terms interchangeable. However, in some instances they can not be interchanged. It becomes more difficult when we seek answers to more personal questions such as, Who am I? What is the nature of life? Is there a Divine Being? and What is my purpose in life?  For answers to these types of questions we need a different type of Truth that doesn’t relate to the facts.

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