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The Problem With Perfection

My life didn’t change in one moment. I wish it had been that simple. For me, big changes happen over time in many steps. One particular issue that I needed to change showed up fairly early in my teaching career. I fondly refer to it as the “perfectionist” monster. During a typical class or coaching […]

Challenging Our Myths

Common Sense, Myths, and Ghost Stores of the Spiritual Ego 15 years ago I was enamored with this personal development process.  I had discovered a whole new world.   I felt alive, happy, and excited about my new adventure.  There were fears and false beliefs that I had acquired over my life and I didn’t even […]

Practical Wisdom from Barry Swartz

Practical Wisdom Talk by Barry Swartz From the TED Talks Archives: We can’t solve our problems by laying down a set of rules and pretending that following them to the letter will produce desired results. There are consequences for having rules, and they are not always good.

Faith and the Power to Change Your Life

Faith Some people define faith as a belief in something for which they have no evidence for.  Others think of faith as a set of religious beliefs.  These are limited uses and understanding of faith.  Faith is a force.  Think of it as a life force energy that you direct, consciously or unconsciously.  It is […]

Self Improvement Myth: Setting Goals

Some people put a lot of importance on goals.  They are big in the self help / Personal Development world.   I’ve found that goals can sometimes cause misery and unhappiness that more than wipes out any positive gains people might make with them.  In Buddhism this is referred to as the “Near Enemy” of a […]

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