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Impeccable With Your Word

When we use our word against ourselves it is emotional abuse, and it puts us in emotional hell.  You might say that it is a sin that makes us suffer.  Not a sin in a religious way, but in the early Latin meaning of the word.  Any wrong-doing is a sin.  To hurt ourselves is to sin against our self.  To hurt another whether with our words or actions is a wrong-doing.  There doesn’t have to be any god, heaven, or hell involved for it to cause suffering. When we commit a wrong-doing against our self, even just criticize our self, we suffer emotionally.

It may not be easy to measure if you are impeccable with your word, but if you pay attention to your emotions you can quickly notice when you are not.

Good Things to Say

Greetings Gary, I approach you with a curious question: Have you ever made any sort of “list of approved things to say”?… After listening to a few of your sessions and reading some books I started to develop a “theory” that there are a number of words/sentences/responses/questions that would be impeccable/true/aplicable/ in any/most situations during a conversation. I […]

Be A Zen Monk Driver in Traffic

As a little driving experiment, or perhaps, as a completely different way to live your life, consider the following. –

Impeccability of Your Word

With your words you have the power to lift people up and inspire them towards love. You also have the power to put them down. When you believe the words of another you are using your power to create your own emotional suffering. When we are children we do not learn how to use this […]

Secrets of Happiness

Happiness is the emotional experience created by you expressing the emotion of love. In every moment of joy and peace in your life you were creating love and expressing it. Feeling different qualities of happiness at different times is because there are millions of variations of love that you can express. Have you taken time […]

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