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Good Things to Say

Greetings Gary, I approach you with a curious question: Have you ever made any sort of “list of approved things to say”?… After listening to a few of your sessions and reading some books I started to develop a “theory” that there are a number of words/sentences/responses/questions that would be impeccable/true/aplicable/ in any/most situations during a conversation. I […]

The McGurk Effect: How Conditioning Affects Perception

How does our conditioning affect our perception.  Watch this video and you will see how you HEAR sounds that are not there.  Our visual cue is that we should hear a certain sound, and so we hear it.  Even if they have switched the audio and aren’t playing it anymore.   We make assumptions that […]

Impeccability of Your Word

With your words you have the power to lift people up and inspire them towards love. You also have the power to put them down. When you believe the words of another you are using your power to create your own emotional suffering. When we are children we do not learn how to use this […]

Self Help Advice – Warning!

If you are interested in eliminating some of the emotional reactions and creating more happiness in your life I suggest you read less. Steer clear of the paragraphs of self help advice that proliferate on the internet. They are written by well intentioned people. However many of the articles don’t address fundamental issues or steer […]

The Conflict between Education and Creavity by Sir Ken Robinson

Aside from being wonderfully funny, Sir Ken Robinson does a beautiful job explaining the conflict between creativity and the current education system. As the world changes faster and faster creativity will be required to adapt to this unknown future. In The Four Agreements don Miguel Ruiz refers to the stifling of our authentic expression as […]

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