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Dealing With Political Fears

Be Mindful of Fear Based Beliefs Used In Politics If you are afraid your nervous system shifts to a fight/flight/freeze response and this puts your mind in the same type of thinking.  You are in a mindset trying to protect your self, whether something is a real issue or imagined. You see threats, or imagine […]

Emotional Trauma and Memory

Ridding ourselves of the emotional memory and the stories of past trauma. The body stores emotional memory.  The mind recalls and replays those emotional memories in our subconscious.   The emotions are projected into our body, and our conscious mind often then justifies the cause of those emotions as something going on in the present moment.  The present moment event may be a trigger, but not the cause.  Those emotional reactions wouldn’t happen unless the trauma memory were there.

To help release the memories, and stored emotions, I suggest you combine the Recapitulation series with the Self Mastery Program. 

How To Create Wealth

How Do You Create Wealth first take time to notice the abundance in your life. How much is your eyesight worth? How much is your hearing worth? How much is the ability to breath and walk worth? How much are friends and family that support you worth to you? then you will have gratitude. At […]

Your Attention – the Game of Mindfulness

Is your attention being used with your will or is it being used by an automated routine in your mind? Using your attention in the direction of love is generous, in the direction of fear and misery is selfish. Either way, your attention is in use thousands of times a day.

One way to make the practice of mindfulness fun is to turn it into a game.  Where is your attention?  Did you lose it? Where did you go?  How much time passed since you last had control over your attention.  In the beginning it might be hours, or even days. But with practice you will have awareness of your attention throughout the day.  When you practice you get good at the game and your mind can no longer play tricks on you. Such is the game of Awareness and Mindfulness.

Free of the Ego

The ego is the mind’s identity of what we are, and we are trapped when we believe that image of our self is us. As you free your self of your ego, and the drama it makes, you will feel a fear. That fear isn’t your fear. It is the ego’s fear that you are feeling. It is afraid that you won’t support it anymore, and that it will collapse.

Is it possible to be free of the ego?  First we need to be aware of what the ego is and what we are as separate from it.

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