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Dealing With Political Fears

Be Mindful of Fear Based Beliefs Used In Politics If you are afraid your nervous system shifts to a fight/flight/freeze response and this puts your mind in the same type of thinking.  You are in a mindset trying to protect your self, whether something is a real issue or imagined. You see threats, or imagine […]

How To Create Wealth

How Do You Create Wealth first take time to notice the abundance in your life. How much is your eyesight worth? How much is your hearing worth? How much is the ability to breath and walk worth? How much are friends and family that support you worth to you? then you will have gratitude. At […]

Practical Wisdom from Barry Swartz

Practical Wisdom Talk by Barry Swartz From the TED Talks Archives: We can’t solve our problems by laying down a set of rules and pretending that following them to the letter will produce desired results. There are consequences for having rules, and they are not always good.

Definition of Fear

Some people say FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. That’s a nice acronym.   It’s catchy.   It’s also not true. Calling it False Evidence is saying that fear is an illusion or a lie.  Lies are made of words.  Fear is an emotion. We can create fear as a reaction to believing illusions, lies, or false […]

Overcoming Fear of Losing Money

Fear of Losing Money As you learn to live a happier life one of the things that will change is the quality of communication.  Probably one of the most fearfully corrupt areas of communication is sales and marketing.  I know this because I used to work in sales.  Once you learn to overcome this fear […]

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