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Belief Systems

This article is a transcript from a talk given by Gary van Warmerdam on Belief Systems. The Youtube video from that talk is embedded below.  What we’re talking about is this thing called the belief system. What we’re working to transform is this belief system and it is, at least in my experience, my personal […]

What is a Belief

This article is the transcript from the podcast, “What is a Belief” which you can find on iTunes or listed in my free audio.  ”What’s wrong with me? “Jim asked.  He is basically fighting depression, barely gets out of the house and off the couch some days. Lots of chatter in his head, most of […]

How to Change a Belief

With all our intellectual smarts and education you would think that changing a belief would be easy.  Except that if it were easy we would quickly change any thought without it showing up again, but that doesn’t happen. Yet sometimes a thought or belief does change quickly. Maybe some beliefs are easy to change and […]

Happiness Is A Way to Define Success

How do you define success? I define success as Happiness.  It’s my emotions that inform me what success and failure are.  If I were depressed and suffering I would feel like a failure. If I am happy, I am a success. What makes your definition a little different from the popular definition? Most common versions […]

Am I Overreacting

Am I overreacting?  How can I tell? It depends on what part of the picture you look at. Your emotional reaction might be out of proportion to the individual event that triggered it.  However, when you look at the larger picture you can usually find that your emotional response is understandable given a number of […]

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