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Resistance to Change

There is supposed to be Resistance to the process. I didn’t set out to teach happiness directly, and if you follow what I teach you will probably notice that I don’t. I don’t focus on the positive very much. I spend more time focusing attention on false beliefs and egocentric thinking that interferes with being […]

Your Ego

I took some time to write out some insights from the point of view of the ego, and share them here. A different look at what goes on in our mind. Hi, I am your Ego.  Please allow me to introduce myself. You may have noticed me at times, and I apologize for that.  I […]

Am I Overreacting

Am I overreacting?  How can I tell? It depends on what part of the picture you look at. Your emotional reaction might be out of proportion to the individual event that triggered it.  However, when you look at the larger picture you can usually find that your emotional response is understandable given a number of […]

Source of Jealousy

Hello Gary, I would just like to firstly thank you for  everything! You have made such a positive impact on my life so far with the Self Mastery program, your book and also the podcasts are a huge support for me! Recently I feel like I have had a real breakthrough with my jealousy issue. […]

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