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How To Create Wealth

How Do You Create Wealth first take time to notice the abundance in your life. How much is your eyesight worth? How much is your hearing worth? How much is the ability to breath and walk worth? How much are friends and family that support you worth to you? then you will have gratitude. At […]

Stopping Negative Thoughts and Emotions

Adam wants to stop the negative thoughts and emotions of anxiety, insecurity, and frustration.  But there is more to it than just thoughts and emotion. When you look closer you find there is something pushing those negative thoughts and emotions. There is a past memory with repressed emotion, unconscious beliefs, and most importantly a false […]

Changing Self Image, Part 2…Your Imagined Self.

When you learn to control your perspective, you realize you can control the virtual world you’ve been living in for years. These are your dreams. You can change your dreams.

The Self Mastery Course provides practical steps to change these internal beliefs. The first sessions are free.

Changing Self Image, Part 1…Point of View Meditation

Gary takes you through a meditation on how you can separate yourself from one perspective and see your self image differently. Are any of the perspectives more real than the other? Why not choose? It is a guided meditation on seeing and changing your self image.


Part two of this video series on Changing Self Image

MindWorks Book Trailer

Gary van Warmerdam talks about his book “MindWorks”.
“MindWorks is a Practical Guide for Changing Thoughts, Beliefs and Emotional Reactions”.

You can purchase MindWorks through Gary’s website store

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  • Create Love and Happiness in Your Life
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