Self Mastery

The Glass Is Your Life


Do you look at the glass and see it as half full, or half empty?

This isn’t a very important question, and the answer doesn’t matter. The more important question is, How do you look at your life? Even more importantly, is the story you tell yourself that makes the difference.  If you look at your life and you see the parts that aren’t full, or the feel empty, you will feel like you are missing something.  That is entirely okay to feel an emptiness.  It’s the beginning of a desire, a yearning, and that can lead to taking steps to get it.  Or do you look at that emptiness and feel down and tell yourself a story of pity and sorrow? Do you ask the people around you to partake in joining you to fill up that empty space and make it what you want? Are you willing at that moment to do something different?  Or do you look around waiting for someone to somehow know what you want without telling them, and hope that you get it, while you keep painfully feeling the emptiness at the same time.

Or do you put your attention mostly on the part of your life that is full.  Do you feel grateful for it? Do you marvel at that fact that it is all happening while at a warmed up spot on the earth while spinning through galaxies of stars?  Yes, your life could always have more on top of what you have.  The glass of life can be imagined to be infinitely tall making it seem like we have so little.  Or do you look at what you have and enjoy it?  Do you drink from that glass and savor what you have, whatever amount it is?

It may not be important how we look at a glass on the table, but it is important to our happiness how we look at our life.  And a more important variable in determining our happiness is the interpretation we make about the part of our life we look at.

What parts of your life do you spend the most time looking at?  And what stories do you tell yourself about what you focus your attention on? Change your story, and you can change your life.

The Self Mastery Course can help you change your story.

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