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Self Sabotage Disguised as Encouraging Words

“I should be practicing more than I am.” One of the most common sabotaging thoughts a person has is, “I should be doing more than I am.”  It can sound like a statement of fact, but it is really a judgmental self-critical thought. And a debilitating one at that.   The result is  an emotional shot […]

Pursuing Perfection Hides Patterns of Self Sabotage

Self-Sabotage in the Pursuit of Perfection Perfection is the enemy of progress when it comes to learning something new.  If you are trying to get things perfect, you end up focusing on all the things that aren’t working.  Some people are so concerned that they have to get it perfect that they don’t try doing […]

Voices In My Head

Is it normal to have voices in my head?  Actually, yes.  And it doesn’t mean you are crazy or need medication.   From a separate interview about her backround: Jon Ronson: Let’s back up a minute and talk about what happened to you. Whenever I tell anyone your story, I always begin with a bit […]

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