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Life Coach On The Today Show

People Search for Happiness on the Internet,,, and Find it. Tuesday December 31st on the NBC’s Today Show and later on MSNBC about Gary van Warmerdam’s website and coaching. Life coach Gary van Warmerdam shares his perspective on happiness, and what it takes to make changes in your behavior, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. To help […]

What Is Worth Fighting For

Recently a client asked me, “Are there some things worth fighting for?  It seems like all this work is about acceptance, and making peace, and being grateful.  Do you just kind of roll over and give into what is going on in life?  Is that what this work entails?” My reply was, “Yes.  There are […]

I Don’t Feel Lovable

The issue of Not Feeling Lovable came up a couple times recently.  It’s a common belief, and it comes with a feeling, sometimes a very strong feeling.  Recently a woman who was given up for adoption as a child was dealing with that story.  She had some evidence that she wasn’t lovable as a child […]

Free of Judgmental Thoughts

Living Without Judgmental Thoughts Several years ago, I spent the day with a friend from high school and her class of second graders. For physical education we went to the grass field and played a modified game of baseball. For a ball we used a tennis ball that was more fun and less dangerous to […]

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