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One Week to Live

What will you do with the time you have?  How precious it is and how much do we take it for granted? What would you do differently, if you just had one week to live?

Where Did We Get Our Stories

We weren’t born with the stories, thoughts, opinions, and judgments that we have as adults. Where did these thoughts that fill our head come from, and what makes them up? We seem to have collected so many and they stick in our head and repeat themselves. Why is that?

What Makes Up a Dream

Your mind is basically dreaming. It has dreams at night, but it also has daydreams during the day. Some of those dreams we consciously direct.  We might call it thinking at times. At other times our mind just wanders off. We really don’t know what we will be thinking (or dreaming) about 10 minutes, or even 1 minute from now.  Becoming aware of how our mind dreams is the work of mindfulness training.

You Are Dreaming

Your mind is a kind of dream generating machine. The thoughts, images, and sometimes even emotions are all aspects of dreams.  When your mind is really going it can take you for a ride, much like it does at night when your body is asleep.

How can you tell that what your mind generates is a dream?  How can you be sure that you are not asleep in your bed right now experiencing this all as a dream? If it were a dream how could you be able to tell?

What is Ego?

Your ego is your false identity.  Much of the time your thinking revolves from a point of view of identity, and that is probably part of the ego.  The ego has many parts, all of which are in this changing field of the mind, that why it is so difficult to identify clearly.  When you realize that your ego is formidable, you will respect it, and then you have a chance for humility.  When you win over the ego you don’t become a “winner”, rather you advance to an attitude of humility.

What is Ego?

Your ego is a group of beliefs mostly about your identity. It exists in your mind and corrupts many of your thoughts and emotions.

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