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Insecurity Depression

 Hi Gary, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your incredible gift.  I am 51 and have spent years and $$$ on trying to find the answer to my “problems”.  I tried psychologists, counselors, pastors, self help programs, meditation classes, herbal remedies, and medications all to no avail.  NOTHING was lasting.  They were […]

Where Is The Best Place To Start ?

What is the best approach to take advantage of all this material?  It can be a bit daunting once you start looking through the website and you might be wondering where you should start.  So you don’t get lost I’ll cut to the chase and lay out the most forward plan of action for making […]

How I Stopped Reacting To Slow Drivers

Perspective of the Slow Driver Story   I was in my twenties and home visiting my parents. My dad’s back was in bad shape, something that had happened a couple other times when I was a kid. My mom made an appointment for him with a chiropractor. My dad was a farmer, a strong bear […]

Change Your Mind In Teotihuacan Mexico

How To Change What Is In Your Mind Every year I go on a kind of pilgrimage.  My pilgrimage doesn’t involve praying to, or worshiping a deity. It’s a personal one of letting go of baggage and reconnecting with those things sacred to me.  What is sacred to me is happiness, love Truth, compassion, and […]

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