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Happiness Every Day

From Seeker to Finder   Discovering Every Day Happiness  by George Kimeldorf  I’ve been alive 25,567 days. That is a long time. All I have ever wanted during that time was to be happy-nothing more. I thought I knew what I needed to do to be happy, so I did all those things: I earned […]

Five Stages of Happiness – Part 5

Authentic Happiness  – Stage 5 (Read from the beginning) This is where the words like authenticity, genuine, humility, unconditional love, enlightened, and wise have meaning.  The person that has transcended the conditional happiness modes they were socialized with and can express themselves genuinely.  This authentic expression has a similar joy and freedom that a young […]

Five Stages of Happiness – Part 4

Transition to Authentic Happiness   –  Stage Four Read from beginning  At 20 something it is easy to be optimistic and have lots of positive thoughts about our self and the future.  We confidently believe what we were told at graduation commencement.  There is limitless potential, the world is our oyster, and we can do […]

Five Stages of Happiness – Part 3

Conditional Happiness  – Stage Three (read from the beginning) By the time we are adults there are thousands of rules we follow.  What bad words we can’t say, grades we are supposed to get, how much money we should make, what our body should look like, and what we “need” to accomplish in order to […]

Five Stages of Happiness – Part 2

Transition to Conditional or Socialized Happiness  –  Stage Two  (read from beginning Happiness Stage 1) From the time we are able to talk and understand the word, “NO!” we begin to get socialized.  Growing up as children we learn the rules of our parents, school, community, and world.  We also learn to accept the emotional […]

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