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Self Mastery Retreat

During the retreats we take the Self Mastery course style exercises and take them very deep.  We look to make changes at deep levels of our psyche and emotions.  From the Nags Head Retreat in North Carolina here we explore the patterns of behaviors we created in our past, and change them.

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Free of the Ego

The ego is the mind’s identity of what we are, and we are trapped when we believe that image of our self is us. As you free your self of your ego, and the drama it makes, you will feel a fear. That fear isn’t your fear. It is the ego’s fear that you are feeling. It is afraid that you won’t support it anymore, and that it will collapse.

Is it possible to be free of the ego?  First we need to be aware of what the ego is and what we are as separate from it.

Emotional Change and the Extinction Burst

As behavior patterns dissolve, emotions can feel worse before they feel better. You can’t measure your progress by what you feel in the moment. Sometimes there is a burst of emotions as a pattern nears it breaking point.

We can’t measure progress by how we feel emotionally. Sometimes when emotional behavior patterns are nearing their breaking point the emotions are the strongest.  Because your emotions are strong does not necessarily mean you are going backwards. It might mean things are about to change.  The big difference is whether you are the observer of those patterns doing it with awareness, or whether they just sweep you up and carry you along. If it is the latter then you aren’t changing much.

Zion Retreat

Retreat to Zion National Park with Gary van Warmerdam.

On any one of these retreats or intensives the program will vary.  The program that we engage in will be a combination of what is needed for the people attending, and what inspiration brings.  The reason that each event is unique is because each person shows up with different needs, and inspiration is never predictable.

Even when a person attends the same event a second time, they don’t show up as the same person, they have different intents and needs for their life, and they are open to greater inspiration and love for themselves each time.
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Retreat to Zion National Park

Retreat with Gary van Warmerdam to Zion National Park where people are introduced to the experience of unconditional love in nature, and within themselves. Over a few days people engage in practices of meditation, mindfulness, contemplation, ceremony, and connecting with themselves and nature. Both to let go of their fear based limiting beliefs, and to embrace the beauty of life.

Getting into nature can help us quiet our mind. When we combine nature with specific practices to do so, we can be even more effective at creating experiences of peace, love, and happiness.  In the Zion Retreat we do just that.

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