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Impeccable With Your Word

When we use our word against ourselves it is emotional abuse, and it puts us in emotional hell.  You might say that it is a sin that makes us suffer.  Not a sin in a religious way, but in the early Latin meaning of the word.  Any wrong-doing is a sin.  To hurt ourselves is to sin against our self.  To hurt another whether with our words or actions is a wrong-doing.  There doesn’t have to be any god, heaven, or hell involved for it to cause suffering. When we commit a wrong-doing against our self, even just criticize our self, we suffer emotionally.

It may not be easy to measure if you are impeccable with your word, but if you pay attention to your emotions you can quickly notice when you are not.

The Truth

The truth. Why is it so hard to find? The Truth, like the essence of Life, is experienced.  Too often people want to know the Truth, but their mind has been trained to look for facts.  The Truth and Facts are not necessarily the same thing. It is easy to understand how they can be confused. The justice system seeks to find the truth of what happened by collecting the facts.  It is very easy to use these terms interchangeable. However, in some instances they can not be interchanged. It becomes more difficult when we seek answers to more personal questions such as, Who am I? What is the nature of life? Is there a Divine Being? and What is my purpose in life?  For answers to these types of questions we need a different type of Truth that doesn’t relate to the facts.

What is the Ego ?

The ego is an identity of our own construction, an identity which is false.  If we take all the beliefs of what we are – beliefs about our personality, talents, and abilities – we have the structure of our ego.  These talents, abilities and aspects of our personality will be attributes of our skills, but […]

Trapped in the Ego

Gary: I started the (Self Mastery) course a few months back. Today I sat down and envisioned myself in the last situation through which I had so much jealousy, anger, bitterness and resentment. I was telling my story, when I got to the end I could still see my virtual self at the end of […]

The Victim Part of Our Ego

One aspect of the Ego is the Archetype character of the Victim. It is part of our belief system clinging to fear and beliefs that we are “not good enough.” We may want to change these victim beliefs, but they don’t necessarily want to go.

The Ego has different facets that can morph and change moment to moment. One of the most prominent is the victim aspect of our belief system.  The Victim is comprised of all the beliefs in a false identity, or false self image, of ways that we are unworthy. Even though these are painful aspects of our mind, and we want to get rid of them, they still may not go easily.

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