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I’m Not Grateful for Anything

Dear Gary I listened to your first Self Mastery session on Gratitude and I don’t think it will help me.  In it you use the trigger question to remind our selves what we are grateful for by asking, “What are you most grateful for?”  The problem that I have with that question Gary is I […]

Self Deception

The art of self deception done by a magician Marco Tempest. We lie to our self and we lie to others.

Happiness as a Goal Makes You More Successful

Do we work to be happy, or are we better off at work being happy first. Shawn Anchor explains how some of our beliefs about happiness and work may be backwards.  One important point he makes is that we should not delete the statistical outlier when it comes to happiness.  When actually, what we really […]

Lies, Beliefs, and Healthy Exercise

Have you ever run the same conversation in your head over and over again?  You might find that after looking at it for a while you will notice a certain circular pattern.  Of course that’s part of the problem,,,, we don’t look at it.  That loop of thinking is taking us in a circle, and […]

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