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Holiday Stress Reducer

The holidays are coming up.   For many people that means a joyous time of added stress.  What causes stress?  A number of things can do it, but basically it comes down to a difference between our projected image of the world, and the real world. When we have a vision of how the “perfect” […]

Judgement: What is it good for?

Hi Gary! I have been enjoying the Self Mastery Audio Series and am currently on Session 9: Emotions.  Thank you for making such a wonderful program available. The  Judging voice in my head  has a question: I understand how we can accept other people and things as they are in most circumstances, and can see […]

What is wrong with me?

“What is wrong with me?”,   is a question I get quite often. Honestly,,, nothing.  In truth you are fine.   There really is nothing wrong with you.  That’s my perspective with everyone I talk to.  And I talk to a lot of people because I do this professionally.  The next question is: “But I don’t […]

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