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A Quick Solution to Your Problem

Jake calls me up because he is looking for a solution to his problems.  He fills me in on his relationship issues.  After more than 20 years of marriage his wife has decided to move on.  She told him he could stay in the house for the sake of the kids, but would have to […]

The McGurk Effect: How Conditioning Affects Perception

How does our conditioning affect our perception.  Watch this video and you will see how you HEAR sounds that are not there.  Our visual cue is that we should hear a certain sound, and so we hear it.  Even if they have switched the audio and aren’t playing it anymore.   We make assumptions that […]

The Self Mastery Course: Practical Tools for Getting Rid of the Emotional Drama in Your Life
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  • Quiet the Criticizing Voice in Your Head
  • Develop Communication and Respect in Your Relationships
  • Create Love and Happiness in Your Life
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