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Dealing With Grief

Hi Gary- I find your insights incredibly rewarding and helpful.  I have been looking at your website (and bless you for making so much free btw), and one thing I see missing is anything about dealing with grief.  I have recently lost my boyfriend to an accident–and I have been having incredible metaphysical experiences, which […]

Thank You

How to thank me, Many people write to me and thank me for how I have helped them.   Some are so grateful that they are at a loss, and ask how.   I will tell you how I want to be thanked. Live a happy life with love, gratitude, and respect.  Love your self,,, and love […]

Faith and the Power to Change Your Life

Faith Some people define faith as a belief in something for which they have no evidence for.  Others think of faith as a set of religious beliefs.  These are limited uses and understanding of faith.  Faith is a force.  Think of it as a life force energy that you direct, consciously or unconsciously.  It is […]

The Story of Stuff

I can get away posting this video here because it relates to happiness.  I can also do it because it’s my blog space and I can post if I want to.  But more seriously folks, this video covers a lot about our belief systems, and how our beliefs cause us to do things that don’t […]

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