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Practical Wisdom: How to Be a Good Janitor

Barry Swartz on practical wisdom.   How we lose our ability to think and adapt wisely to new situations as we create more rules.   You can not regulate your self or others into right action and moral behavior with rules.  Rather it is done with instilling an understanding of responsibility, a practice of respect, and […]

Your Role in Life

Archetypes A few years back I was at my bank withdrawing some money.  My intention was to invest in the market.  I was referred to one of their investment advisers who told me, “That’s dangerous.”   The implied message is not just to be fearful, but that you will get hurt because are ignorant or incapable […]

Understanding Emotions

Where do your emotions come from? Some people are under the assumption that your emotions come from your thoughts.   That would be wrong.  It is a bit more involved than that.  It’s not just what we think about, or put our attention on that determines our emotions.  Contrary to some current self-help philosophy, your emotions […]


Why we feel insecure In our mind we develop images of who we are.  Our imagination develops a story of our self and we imagine our self in different roles.  Those images and story roles in our imagination can be of a success, or of failure and rejection.  It is through imagining our self in […]

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