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When it comes to changing your mind it is critical to first gain awareness of what you are dealing with. Without that Situational Awareness you will likely attempt to change things that are only symptoms. Because you don’t perceive the larger picture, you end up wasting a lot of energy on processes that don’t work […]

Using Drugs for Your Spiritual Journey and Conscious Awakening

Hi Gary, I have been hearing a lot about LSD lately and the effects of it on the mind and how it can expand consciousness. From what I heard it can give you the same results as years of self mastery work and meditation. It sounds pretty far fetched. I was just wondering what you […]

Changing Your Point of View

Oh what a difference a point of view makes… Dear Gary, I have an experience to share instead of asking a question this time. I was doing the journal exercise and looking at a particularly intense recent emotional experience. I sensed that I was hitting on some very strong beliefs and even though I could […]

Impeccability of Your Word

With your words you have the power to lift people up and inspire them towards love. You also have the power to put them down. When you believe the words of another you are using your power to create your own emotional suffering. When we are children we do not learn how to use this […]

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