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Secrets of Happiness

Happiness is the emotional experience created by you expressing the emotion of love. In every moment of joy and peace in your life you were creating love and expressing it. Feeling different qualities of happiness at different times is because there are millions of variations of love that you can express. Have you taken time […]

Where Do You Focus Your Attention?

There is a lot of talk about the importance of focusing on the positive. There is certainly value in focusing your attention on the positive. However, like anything, too much of a good thing, can work against you. There are times when it is valuable to focus your attention on the negative. The idea being […]

What Should I do After Graduation?

Ask Gary I would really appreciate your help with a question. I’m graduating from high school this year and trying to figure out what I should do. When reading about your background, I noticed that you have a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have been accepted to a University for that very program. I’m going […]


Consciousness There’s a lot we could say about what this brain researcher realized about the mind during her stroke, and her recovery. One point is that we have many different modalities with which to perceive the world. Whether we define our self by the limit of our bodies, or as a field of consciousness, changes […]

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