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What Are You Saying

I was sharing with my girlfriend, the observation that words have lost their meaning.  By that I mean that they have lost their power.  People are inundated with Words to read on the internet, blogs, books, and magazines articles, Talk from the news, friends, parents, radio, television, and their own chatter Thoughts from the different […]

Self Help Advice – Warning!

If you are interested in eliminating some of the emotional reactions and creating more happiness in your life I suggest you read less. Steer clear of the paragraphs of self help advice that proliferate on the internet. They are written by well intentioned people. However many of the articles don’t address fundamental issues or steer […]

Opportunity for Success

How will you react or respond in those moments of a critical decision? Will you have the awareness and consciousness to make a wise choice that serves your long term goals and happiness? Will you jump to a conclusion or get caught up in an emotional reaction that could derail something you worked hard to […]

Personal Confessions of Ignorance

While I usually write for the reader on topics of self awareness and enhancing happiness this post is a bit different. This post is a personal confession and contains some logistical information to my readers. I’ll get back to important matters like happiness in coming articles. I confess that I’m new to this blogging thing. […]

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