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Spiritual Growth Stumbling Blocks

Now I’m going to get to the point I originally wanted to make in my last post about spiritual growth stumbling blocks. In my last post I got on to another in the set up and left it at that. Sometimes less is more. To just get one insight or epiphany in a post is […]

Spiritual Journey through Illusions

I just got off the phone with my friend Ellen. We will be teaching a workshop together in May about Your Authentic Life. I’m excited about it for a number of reasons. One reason is the workshop will be in Zion National Park in Southern UT. The striking beauty of nature there is magnificent. Any […]

Developing Self Discipline

As you develop self discipline there will be obstacles to overcome. Mental and emotional associations you have in your mind about developing self discipline are some of the biggest. See if any of these associations ring a bell? Developing self discipline is hard work Developing self discipline will take time and practice. To be disciplined […]

I want to be happy

The desire to be happy takes many forms. For simplicity sake I’ll just talk about two forms of desire for happiness. One type of desire to be happy looks to be the strongest, but in fact, doesn’t really facilitate any change.  The second form of desire doesn’t look that strong, but is what is necessary […]

Personal Growth Is Not Linear

Progress is not linear, particularly when you are changing core beliefs.  Sometimes they are like walls we are hitting with a hammer.  We are working and sweating and it seems like nothing is changing.  Then, with the slightest tap, a whole section tumbles and possibility and space opens up in your life where there previously […]

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