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Laughter is Medicine for the Emotions

I recently saw a CNN report on happiness. Part of the show focused on Laughter Yoga, and the benefits of laughter in creating happiness. The group in Laguna Beach CA is just one of many such laugher groups that gets together and just laughs. Some groups get together to dance or drum, these groups gather […]

Desire for Love and Consciousness

Hi Gary, There is one issue that I have been pondering about, and wonder if you can help me with the benefit of your experience? The one common thread in all experiences of realization, or awareness or awakening seems to be that the person has to be in a state of intense pain or suffering […]

Insecurity in Relationships

Dear Gary, I just experienced this jealousy reaction. I have a girlfriend for a year now, but still struggle with the fact that sometimes I feel I’ve been giving in too much and that she’s already in power and she could lie to me cause she knows she has me where she wants. In my […]

Gratitude for Happiness

I thought of creating a testimonial page, but figured out that it would be easier to post these on my blog pages periodically. Not just for shameless promotion, but for common understanding, and breaking the belief that we are all alone in our process of change. I also like this email because Mandeep makes some […]

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