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Understanding Relationships

Some people talk in the personal growth and new age circles about using relationship as a mirror to understand your self. I’ve seen this idea of a relationship mirror described in so many ways, often with lots of distortions. With these distortions the attempt to understand relationships leads to misunderstanding Self. People often distort this […]

Be Impeccable with Your Word

In the book The Four Agreements, the author Miguel Ruiz offers a code for living a life of peace and happiness. The first principle Miguel offers in this code of conduct for your life is Be Impeccable with your Word. It is much more difficult than it seems. People often tell me that they are […]

Facing Fear

I’m in my final year , of high school and today I got one my quizzes back (worth around 2-4%). I realized I had gotten a 60% and a 69% on two different parts. At this time, a realization struck me: if I continue on like this (exams in just two weeks!) I’m going to […]

Controlling Relationships

What are some dynamics of an emotionally controlling relationship? I want to look beyond some of the of verbal criticism, put downs, and judgments that are the obvious elements of emotionally abusive and controlling relationships. I want to take some space here to outline how some of the power and illusions of power aspects affect […]

How to have Confidence

Question from the forums on Steve where I responded. A lot of people think I am a confident guy… I think I am very good at faking confidence. Why? Because doubt is a constant part of my daily life; every decision I make is questioned by doubt. Because the latter is powerful, I have […]

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