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Core Beliefs About Your Body

An audio course subscriber who had dissolved many of her beliefs about her body, and her body image wrote in with the following question.

Dear Gary,
How do you care enough about your body in order for it to be healthy, without getting too stressed about it?

Dear M,


Treat your body like you would your favorite pet. Would you feed your dog a candy bar? Would you feed your body a diet coke? Would you get your dog drunk or have it smoke cigarettes? Would you feed your pet dog an extra helping of dessert? No, and you wouldn’t let anybody else mistreat your dog that way either.

Your dog is going to feel better if you feed it healthy food and take it out
for exercise. Your dog also loves to play. Make sure your body gets lots of healthy food, exercise, and play as well. All of these are pure pleasure for your dog and your body. Your physical body is like an animal. Except that with this very special animal you can perceive directly how it is feeling and what it is perceiving.

Your body is like a dog that is there to serve you. It is completely loyal. You can judge it, hate it, and abuse it and it still will not abandon you. Your body will never say a harsh word against you. It has very few needs beyond air, water, food, and rest. For supplying these basic needs to your body you have an opportunity to see, hear, walk, run, dance, play, have sex, and experience a myriad of physical sensations. There is so much pleasure that we can experience by having a body that we can ‘t experience without. Take care of it like a pet that you love.

You are also there to serve your body.
You will also have to take care and serve the needs of your pet.  If you practice being aware your body will give you the signals of what it enjoys and doesn’t just like a dog does. You will have to listen to the silent sensations of your body. If the messages come from an internal dialogue of thoughts you can assume they are from beliefs in the mind. Some will be good and helpful, but some may lead you to mistakenly indulge the mind.

Scrutinize what the mind says and learn to listen to what the body authentically needs. Your body, just like a dog, doesn’t ask with words. Your body requests with a feeling of desire. It will take discernment to make sure those feelings aren’t from the chatter in the mind. The body also gives you feed back when you do something like eat too much. It doesn’t feel good.

The comments that are made about what you eat aren’t from the body. They are stories and beliefs about the body that come from the mind.

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