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Self Awareness for Emotional Decisions

What is self awareness? For starters it involves knowing your self. A person with self awareness knows about their own personality. They know their strengths and weaknesses. They know how they react under stress and whether it is to their benefit or not. They know what emotions they are feeling and how that affects their […]

Developing Gratitude

One of the free exercises in my audio program is about gratitude. You will find gratitude is a common element of happiness. All the experts recommend various ways to practice it. When people take on this practice of gratitude they usually do it for several days and then it tails off. Other distractions get a […]

Core Beliefs About Your Body

An audio course subscriber who had dissolved many of her beliefs about her body, and her body image wrote in with the following question. Dear Gary, How do you care enough about your body in order for it to be healthy, without getting too stressed about it? Dear M, TREAT YOUR BODY LIKE A DOG! […]

Programs to Develop Personal Power

There are many programs and organizations that describe what they do as empowering people. Empowerment of people might even be in their mission statement. This is common language among personal development and personal growth organizations. The idea is appealing, and the organizations probably do good work. However be aware that there is a hidden sabotaging […]

The Word “God” in Prayer

Dear Gary, After reading the articles on your website (very inspiring by the way).    I was wondering how you would describe the concept of “God”.  I find myself struggling with the meaning and the word “God”. For me the word God is associated with a person sitting somewhere up in heaven, telling people what is […]

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