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The Law of Attraction Is Not Enough

Outside Factors that can affect the Law of Attraction Here is another case of specialized knowledge that affects the law of attraction.  It has to do with outside factors that affect your ability to attract what you want and create abundance.  This is about understanding the world or your personal reality within the frame of […]

Law of Attraction and Limitations

With all this discussion of the Law of Attraction there is sure to be some confusion and misunderstanding.   The Law of Attraction simply states that you create your own reality. It means that you will attract and create what you focus your attention on. It sounds simple enough but there are a few other […]

Trapped in the Abstract Mind

I wanted to make a longer reply to a comment on the post about being trapped in the abstract mind and because of the length I made it another post. The building, exploring, and cutting down models of reality that you speak of is all done with the abstract mind.   All this exercising the […]

Struggling with the Exercises

Dear Gary, I recently came upon your site while doing a Google search for overcoming jealousy. It has been thus far a good tool for me. I see the material as excellent – as close to exact as what I believe I need to get past my own unhappiness and insecurity. I listen to the […]

The Abstract Concept of Time

It begins with awareness and consciousness. Become aware of consciousness or get lost in conceptual ideas of time and events. The problem with creating conceptual models of time is that we end up understanding our conceptual diagram and misunderstand time. If you are going to discuss time then I think we should begin by first […]

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